"Re&Solution" - personal property advisers

Real estate consultancy company Re&Solution was founded in 2003. Since then, we have received a number of international awards. In 2010, we became part of Newsec, leading asset management and real estate advisers in Northern Europe. Today, Newsec Group comprises 12 offices with over 550 experts, located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. Our partners in Europe and the USA are BNP Paribas Real Estate and Eklund Stockholm New York.

We know it from our experience that your needs and expectations are individual and you do not settle for standard solutions. That is why we have developed a philosophy of customized real estate solutions. This means efficient solutions for personal investment, property acquisition, sale, lease, property management, and value appreciation, all the way from ideas to results. Among our customers are real estate investors, owners, buyers, and developers who search for safe ways to ensure return on investment and solve other matters related to their owned real estate.

As part of Newsec Group, we are the only company in Lithuania to offer all real estate related services in one.