In western countries, where the real estate market has already formed and matured, a property developer or owner usually opts for long-term relations with one specific real estate company, by granting it exclusive mediation rights. This way the agencies can demonstrate more quality performance and concentrate investment and time at the most expected profit, thus reducing the uncertainty. Moreover, potential buyers know where to go if they are interested in a specific property.

  • We will understand the objectives of your development project and share our best experience.
  • We will present to you the real estate market today and its future trends
  • We will suggest the best way for our cooperation
  • With the help of our professional and experienced team of salespeople
  • We will ensure swift, quality, and efficient implementation of your project

Surveys show that the time needed to sell a property is not affected by the number of agencies that work with the property. In fact, it is the other way around: we can ensure that we will reach the same or even wider audience of potential customers than several agencies working with the same property. But above all, you will avoid a few significant inconveniences:

  • Salespeople training
  • Complicated cost planning
  • Customer duplication
  • Repeat publicity strategy
  • Presentation of misleading, incomplete, or corrupt information
  • Misrepresentation of report data
  • Uncertainty of result